Building the Future of Security

TMFE is the holding company of several complementary organisations, each taking their place within the tech world.

TMFE is an entire ecosystem to help ambitious tech organisations develop better products and services and grow faster.



The TMFE group of companies helps technology businesses get new traction. From helping start-ups get their Go To Market established and their product development on point, through to enterprise organisations reconnecting with their audiences – we can help.


Marketing & Communications

Stilt.Agency is a multidisciplinary marketing agency with several subsidiaries specialised in technology sector.

Media & Distribution

KBI.Media is a media creation and distribution firm catering to the unique needs of cyber security organisations.

Digital Services

Several of our organisations help with business automation and integration design providing scalability.

People & Culture

MercSec is an Executive Search and Talent Acquisition firm specialised in the security industry.

Start-up Services

From product development through to new digital presence and growth strategies; KAI helps start-ups thrive.

Marketing & Communications

Solution Design & Execution

KBI is the flagship company helping cybersecurity organisations gain greater visibility and engagement with their audiences.

We help start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprise organisations around the globe go from 0 to 100 or from 100 to 1000. We create comprehensive marketing and communications strategies to meet your objectives, and use our production company, Stilt.Agency, to bring them to life.

Media & Distribution

Amplify your Signal

KBI has created a series of channels within the security niche. 

Through our long-running podcast, KBKAST, and our new platform KBITV, KBI.Media answers the questions the industry is asking.

Creating content for our global audience and helping our clients from KBI.Digital amplify their signal, we inform and educate technology executives around the world about new and emerging security threats and solutions.

Talent Services

Integrated People Solutions

Finding the right talent can be exceptionally hard. We help security organisations increase the capabilities and improve their performance.

MercSec offers two methods to secure the right people; executive search and talent acquisition services. If you’re an established enterprise, we identify and engage the right executive talent for your business. If you’re a start-up or scale-up business, we run your Talent Acquisition function as a monthly service, and sky-rocket your hiring performance while keeping costs much lower.

Creative Brilliance

The TMFE Workhorse

Stilt.Agency is a multi-faceted digital agency that creates all the materials for the entire TMFE Group.

The Stilt.Agency businesses cover a host of solutions, from website development, graphic design, content writing, through to podcast and film production. Our state-of-the-art studio provides world-class facilities to produce everything from expert interviews to cinematic shorts.

Start-Up Acceleration

A Clear Roadmap

Launching a start-up in any industry is tough, and tech is even more ruthless. We all the statistics for failure. What if you could get the methods and tools that skyrocket the chances of success, and the right resources to get things done better and faster?

KAI is the culmination of decades that walks you through the optimal methods to tackle each and every challenge a tech start-up faces.